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The goal with our breeding is that it should be as natural as possible. Our dogs live in pairs, out of the knowledge that dogs are "familyanimals". This is the same when breeding dogs. The father is together with the bitch from mating to puppydelivery... This is good for both puppies and the bitch. The father has a leading role taking care of the puppies, especially when they are about 6-10 weeks.

When we choose breedingmale, we let the bitch take a big part of that. While the bitch then by her vomeronasale, can select males that are not good for her (genetical). 

The mating we let the dogs do all by theirself, both because we think even dogs needs to "dance" before and out of the animalweelfarelaw (no mating by force!) Of course we are close by, but we dont do anything if it´s not necessary.

While the bitch is pregnant, we try to protect her as much as possibly, from stress. This to reduce exaggerated stressensibility on the puppies in the future.

When it´s time for birth, we let her do it in an "artificial hole". It´s rather small with a low roaf. Inside there is material that gives the bitch good restistance while "making her bed". This out of the enrichment-theories.


The Kennel Chanco Puppybox

The puppies are being born in our home, in a safe place. As foundation we use straw. We start the socialization during their third week, but are careful not to let it go out over the pups need of sleep and being alone with their mom and dad. Of course we give the pups a well planned enrichment. This out of different foundations, toys, and new smells. The bitch take care of the wean, she manage this all by her self. We dont deliver the puppies before the wean is all done.

When the pups are between 8-12 weeks they are ready to leave their first home and thier parents. They are then good socialized, have been in contact with other dogs (different breeds, age and sex), are use to collar, been cartrained, been at the Vet, growth with kids, been out with their parents and out alone with us.   

When they get delivered they have a pedigree from the swedish kennel club (exportpedigree if exported outside of the Nordic countries), have a microchip, a passport, has been on a healthcheck by the Vet, are devormed 4 times and has had a bath. We vaccinate our pups at 8 weeks old against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and kennel caugh. The rabies vaccination is only done at 12 weeks old if necessary for the export.

We export dogs worldwide. In some cases we have traveled with the dog to the new owner's home country...

We feed our dogs with raw meat (beef) (Nordic Dogfood - http://www.nordichundfoder.com/) and sunfloweroil.
The pups have also been in contact with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, as foodenrichment...