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Here we will introduce some of the puppy-enrichment we give our puppies...
It will be introduced with pictures and text.

We introduced the concept of enrichment of dogs in the Swedish dog world 2003. We are very pleased that more and more dog owners have become aware of enrichment of dogs. For nearly 15 years, we worked with the enrichment of our dogs. Our puppy enrichment is also something we hope more breeders will take in and try ... Do you have any questions about this please contact us.

From newborn - 2 weeks
We let the bitch with pups in peace as much as possible the first 2 weeks. During that time it is dark, quiet and calm in the puppy room. After birth, we check that all puppies are healthy and fine and after that is lifting the pup a taboo. We check that all is well with the small ones 2-3 times/day. We never raise the puppies from the substrate during those first weeks.

From 2 - 3 weeks
When the puppies are 2 weeks, we begin to close contacts of people with the touch and cuddle. Then we lift them up and hold them close to us and talk to them. At 2 weeks of age is the bitch so secure in her role as mother that she is ready to let us handle the puppies. It is important that the family is not exposed to stress the first time and transfer it to their puppies. Therefore, we do not welcome new visitors to our home during this time.

From 3 - 4 weeks
When the puppies have been about 3 weeks they are ready to start crawling around in the puppy room. Then we change the dark straw-bedded lair towards a more open lair with rugs and carpets. We do not use newspapers in the puppy room, given the high levels of solvents contained in them. It is impossible to avoid the puppies lick and chew on this ...

Puppy enrichment, we start with when the pups are about 3 weeks old. What we starts with is to put various toys and obstacles in the puppy room. For our puppies is balancing and different surfaces an important part of the enrichment. Toys of various materials and the balance/surface things are moved daily around the paddock to create variation. We replace things about every 3rd day. They may not create stress, but get an experience to explore and move around from.

From 4 weeks
At about 4 weeks of age, they gain access to all puppy room and then more surface area and things to explore. At this age, it is also time to set the "base box". This is an original invention that will promote balance, height, feeling, climbing and feel of different surfaces. Glass plate can be replaced by a mirror or many other substrates such as sandpaper-like, rough, hard, soft, cold, etc..


Other things that we use is "spinning plate" (serving tray IKEA) and "flower tray." These things are spinning and moving towards and from the puppies. What we are careful in the choice of enrichment things is that they should be safe for puppies.


Here are more suggestions on the surface ...:












To explore and taste different kinds of trees are fun ...
Other taste and smell sensations creates enrichment, such as spices, strange food/fruit/vegetables. Keep in mind that some of these can be dangerous for dogs!

To chew on meaty bones is healthy and natural ...

and satisfying ...

To be out in different environments and weather is exciting ...

To meet different types of people are enriching ... Here is the chimney sweep to visit.

To meet with various animal species is a great enrichment ...
It's nice to do it with my mom first time.

Being out with mom and dad is a learning experience ...

Travelling by car with my mom for the first time is a little strange ...

To hang out and cuddle with children is cozy ... but the question is who enriches whom most here?




A lot of bones and toys...


"Our foundationbox"

Spending time outdoors with family